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For all enquiries, please contact

All submissions to be sent by post to Ruben Cooke, 13 Shipton Road, Woodstock, United Kingdom, OX20 1LW.



  1. It’s a wonderful idea guys..I’m on the case already Dxx

  2. This survivor is sending you positive vibes, earnest prayers for your healing and a contribution to your project.

  3. Hi Ruben,
    Thank you for introducing me to Mail Art x – splicing my interests of letters and art.
    I love the theme.
    Best wishes for the project!

  4. Hi Ruben
    am thinking of you-
    this is a really interesting project-
    I made a short film a couple of years ago-
    of ice cubes – my MAC is being fixed at the mo – but when it’s back I’ll burn a DVD and send it to your spl/ice project before April-
    am of to see Avatar (for the second time) this afternoon – am trying to persuade Nicky and Carlo to come too !
    love to your mum and all good things to you –
    love maryclare

  5. It’s in de hoven and needs to bake 2 times. love from Marge and Livio and me and him too xxxxxxx

  6. Hey,

    I’m really interested in submitting some work for your project.

    If you could send me some information on the brief I’ll send you something soon.

    My practice is in design, to see some work, please visit my site:


  7. Dear Ruben,
    I miss you so terribly much. I have a special animated message from a friend of yours coming to you soon. I’ll be coming to visit in the next week or so.

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