Posted by: splicemailart | October 26, 2010

Mini Documentary

Hi all,

I installed the first ever Splice exhibition last week at the Museum of Oxfordshire in Woodstock. It went very well I think and is up for the next 3 weeks until November 12th. I can’t imagine many people will get there but if you happen to be in the area, go and have a peek.
It was quite a challenge curating so many works of different shapes and size into one coherent exhibition but eventually I think we’ve done the work justice.

Whilst installing the exhibition we were contacted by a local Twitter-based website who asked to film a short documentary about the project.
I find it terribly embarrassing to watch and a bit violin-tastic and wasn’t going to mention it but it is well put together and informative so in the end I figured that you might be interested and want to see some of your work up in the space.

Here it is:

I’ll be posting a selection of photos of the exhibition on the blog at the end of next week. Make sure to have a look.

Until then, best wishes to you all.



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