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Mini Documentary

Hi all,

I installed the first ever Splice exhibition last week at the Museum of Oxfordshire in Woodstock. It went very well I think and is up for the next 3 weeks until November 12th. I can’t imagine many people will get there but if you happen to be in the area, go and have a peek.
It was quite a challenge curating so many works of different shapes and size into one coherent exhibition but eventually I think we’ve done the work justice.

Whilst installing the exhibition we were contacted by a local Twitter-based website who asked to film a short documentary about the project.
I find it terribly embarrassing to watch and a bit violin-tastic and wasn’t going to mention it but it is well put together and informative so in the end I figured that you might be interested and want to see some of your work up in the space.

Here it is:

I’ll be posting a selection of photos of the exhibition on the blog at the end of next week. Make sure to have a look.

Until then, best wishes to you all.


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First exhibition of Splice…

Hello Splice bloggers,

I’m afraid it’s fairly short notice but the first Splice exhibition is 100% confirmed and is part of a small festival called Art In Woodstock.
Every piece I received will be exhibited in The Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock and will be there for three weeks. The official opening is on saturday 23rd October starting at 12 noon.

It would be excellent to see some friendly faces there of anyone who submitted work or are interested in the project. Hopefully it will be a success and potentially garner some interest in putting on the exhibition in other places.
There are plans in the pipeline to tour the exhibition to London also in the near future so watch this space.

I hope this finds you all well. 


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